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SHE (the Etna is female, “she, the mountain” we call it), is an active volcano of 3350 meters diving on the Jonic sea on the east side, surrounded on the others by the island of Sicily.

We work on small parcels located in some different spots of Etna’ slopes.


The soil is so various from place to place. Everything depends from the geological history of the volcano’s eruptions. The soil is formed by the disintegration of one or several types of lava of different ages and eruptive materials like lava, rocks and ash.


This is why we have many minerals like iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and silicon. Our vineyards are also particular rich of lapillus, locally named “ripiddu”, little globular rocks coming straight away from the volcano’s pit during the eruptions of the past.


Etna is a proper still active volcano, the biggest in Europe.
Always smoking, with daily volcanic activity and eruptions almost every year. This brings of course big worries: you never know from where the lava could come out. And this is why the old people here say: “never plant the vineyards in only one place!”.


But at the same time, this is an big privilege: thinking you’re walking on a soil able to regenerate itself, receiving from time to time brand new elements straight away from the hearth of the planet.

Artisan Wines. // ETNA - Sicily

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