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We think to our self as grape growers, before than winemakers.

Our huge efforts in the vineyards and our small productive scale let us to get the best quality in grapes also in the struggling vintages.

We believe the cellar don’t has to do anything but respect the grape. Our philosophy is very traditional and natural: spontaneous fermentation by wild yeasts, usually in open vats or in barrels, long macerations of the skins extracting the perfect ripening of the fruit, clarifying by decantation, and the time of ageing considered as the best investment we can do in our wines. 

Usually the wines spend a long time in used barrels of big size, from different kind of woods like cherry-tree, chestnut and oak. We avoid any oaky smells, just looking for what a barrel can do in shaping the body and modelling the strong tannins of our wines with extreme elegance and balance for a long life lasting wine.

Our wines are free to age from 12 to even more than 24 months and only our personal tasting sessions rules the timing to the bottle and the release to the market.

We allow a small amount of sulphites to preserve our wines on the world wide long-way shipping.


Artisan Wines. // ETNA - Sicily

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