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Taking care of this kind of vineyards, trained and grown for ages as little trees, is a massive effort and a very big challenge. Because means taking care one plant by one, if you really want to delivery the potential. Any plant of this age needs special attention in any steps of the season, from pruning to harvest. This is why we call our approach: “walking the vineyard”.This is in for us the only way to realize what any plant needs. Looking at the plant, touching it, thinking about it. Everything must be done by hand, walking mile after mile on the rocks. We don’t use any chemicals in the vineyards and this means LIFE. The soil gains great vitality and so the whole environment, with lively growing of many kind of herbs and animals and insect. We control herbs also by incentive, before blooming, the local shepherds to come and pasture the sheeps for a natural weeding. (SEE GALLERY)


Artisan Wines. // ETNA - Sicily

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